Abejas de León celebrates its championship

The party does not stop in León, the city experienced a Sunday full of celebrations as the LNBP champions took to the streets to celebrate the title they won last Friday after sweeping the Jalisco Astros in the Grand Final.

The players and staff of Abejas de León toured some of the streets of the city aboard a turibus, lived with the fans, shouted, celebrated and took it upon themselves to promise that next year they will fight for the title again.

The path of the LNBP champions
The León Bees looked like a devastating team in the LNBP playoffs. The balance was 10 wins and only two losses in the postseason. It is true that few saw them as candidates for the title, but with serious work, without much noise and above all very well directed by coach Pablo García, they managed to surprise the teams that were considered firm candidates for the title, such as the Dorados de Chihauhua. and the Jalisco Astros.


Congratulations to the entire Abejas de León team, from its coaching staff, players, management and fans, well-deserved champions of the LNBP.

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